Can You Have Rex And Another Companion?

Can You Have Rex And Another Companion?

Is it possible to have got Rex and another companion?

You could have ED-Electronic or Rex alongside Boone, however, not both. ED-Electronic gets one improve once you unlock all his logs and allow either the Brotherhood or the Supporters study him – enhancing either his harm or his armour – and much more if you discover the eyebot elements in Lonesome Street then.

Where does Rex move once you dismiss him?

Each goes to where these were picked by you up from. Lily: Jacobstown, Rex: The King’s developing, Veronica: the 188, etc (aside from Raul who would go to their own shack). When you have experienced the Lucky 38 you can even have the choice to dismiss them to the Presidential Suite right now there.

What’s the best human brain for Rex?

If you wish to possess an offensive kind Rex then you can certainly get Rey’s Brain. In case a Velocity is wanted by you type Rex go get Violetta’s Brain. If you prefer a Rough Rex go get Lupa&#8217 then;s Human brain.

Who was simply the most famous president in NCR background?


That which was the original title for the NCR?

Q2 – Shady Sands had been the original title of the NCR Capitol.

What pet is usually on the NCR flag in Fallout New Vegas?

Two-Headed Bear

How can you perform the NCR Questline?

To begin with the NCR MUST arrived at you. After exiting the Lucky 38 after full the quest “Ring-a-Ding-Ding” From then on head to Camp Maclaron and speak to the Bounty hunter and have where he obtained the Caps and he’ll say concerning the Main. After doing this speak to the Main and have when you can execute a bounty.

Can the Brotherhood of Metal sign up for the NCR?

Optimistic popularity with the Brotherhood If at night has been finished Still, the Courier stayed on great conditions with the Brotherhood, and McNamara continues to be Elder, a truce could be signed between your Brotherhood and the NCR. Head to McNamara and simply tell him they are desired by the NCR destroyed, he will provide a truce then.

Is it possible to have fun with New Vegas after closing?

In order to carry on discovering the western wasteland of Fallout: New Vegas after you’ve finished the overall game, you’ll need to begin from scratch or journey back in its history again. That’s the expressed term from Director Josh Sawyer, who offers clarified latest statements that after the game is performed simply, it’s done.

What’s the final quest in New Vegas?

No Gods, No Masters

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