One Piece: Red Teases a Big Shanks Reveal

One Piece: Red Teases a Big Shanks Reveal

One Item Film: Red-colored is the particular fifteenth movie within the particular Shonen business that will be started strike theaters within Japan later on come early july plus creator Eiichiro Oda offers a large role inside the development from the particular story which usually will provide back Red-Haired Shanks. Right now, prior in order to the movie’s release, the particular shonen inventor is hinting at a few big facts for that guy that assisted set Luffy in the particular path in order to becoming the particular king associated with the buccaneers but proceeds to become mostly lacking from their journey.

The particular creator associated with just 1 Piece, that is heavily active in the creation through the 15th film associated with the Shonen franchise, experienced this to express in teasing Shanks’ part:

“Now after that, from Aug 6th, 1 Piece: Red-colored will end up being released! Associated with course, a person are capable to take pleasure in the film as the own stand-alone thing, yet if you receive on the particular same vibes we’ve got making this and possess fun along with it, after that I believe you’ll value it the lot a lot more. Prior in order to the movie’s release, upon Youtube, this is feasible to discover seven songs videos plus six vlogs by Uta-Chan, so make sure you give all of them a glimpse. They’re just four in order to five moments each. The girl words may hide a number of hints. We wonder exactly what life Uta has directed? If the girl actually is usually Shanks’ child, then the reason why could the lady not stay with your pet anymore. Within the film itself, you may also find away certain facts about Shanks! ” 

Oda then additional dropped the hint regarding the tale of Reddish and the particular role that will Shanks’ girl Uta will certainly have inside it:

“Through having turn into a diva vocalist, Uta may drag every thing and everybody into this particular thrilling tale, starting along with Luffy, plus each various character may get included as points warm upward! ”

A single Piece: Reddish colored will strike theaters within Japan this particular August, having a subsequent worldwide release began arrive this particular fall, therefore fans within North The united states will not be waiting around a lot of lengthier to discover out in case Luffy plus Shanks can reunite right after a great deal of many years.

What function do a person consider Shanks will really play within Red? Perform you believe the 15th film associated with the business will observe Luffy plus Shanks arrive face-to-face as soon as again? Make sure you let all of us know inside the feedback or strike me upward on Tweets @EVComedy in order to talk almost everything comics, cartoons, and the particular world associated with the Great Line.  

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